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Professional Development is not a "cost", 
it is "an investment".

Let us help you set student engagement ablaze with 21st century Web 2.0 Technologies & our teaching and learning methodology. 

Urban EDU Coach
Empowering the village who empower urban youth
Developing effective tools for student success
Utilizing researched based strategies.


The vision of Urban EDU Coach is to utilize innovative strategies to empower educators and other members of the village invested in the academic and social-emotional wellbeing of urban youth who have little or no support.


The mission of Urban EDU Coach is to provide innovative professional development to support primary, secondary & postsecondary educators. We aim to provide strengths-based, action-oriented solutions that will help participants achieve identified outcomes. We provide teaching and learning strategies that foster new skills and perceptions that will enhance basic skills, critical thinking, and life skills capabilities. We aim to establish the appropriate environment that assists educators in their ongoing quest to provide quality instruction, progressive collaboration, and a learning climate that promotes self-correction, self-managing, and self-monitoring skills towards a positive lifestyle. We aim to prepare our clients for global success using 21st Century teaching and learning. Our mission is to help combat Mass Incarceration of Black youth, especially Black boys and to make a positive impact on The School to Prison Pipeline.

We mentor and coach new educators, motivate instructional leaders in successful leading blended learning in a variety of settings. Our services include training educators in the use of Web 2.0 technologies to digitize problem & learning, writing across the curriculum, classroom management, critical thinking, differentiated instruction, assessments, and Common Core Standards. Our specialties include creating online faculty development communities plus helping to develop & maintain a positive academic restorative environment for classrooms and educational organizations.  

We offer:

  • Innovative and reliable Web 2.0 solutions    
  • Immense experience without an immense price
  • Short-term and long-term implementation assistance, coaching, & mentoring
  • Procurement, set-up, and training
  • Ongoing Web 2.0 implementation,  management, coaching, and support
  • An online professional learning community personalized for your school campus or educational organization
  • Blended Learning Coaching.
  • Online or On-site training.  We come where you need us. 
  • Ask about our group rates.  Bring a Team of colleagues and save.  One of the most beneficial ways to experience our Technology in the classroom to bring a team. Not only does it save you money it also allows you to tap into the full range of information gives your team a chance to continue the learning when you return to your school campus. 

Local available. 

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